Want to make more 10 footers?

Puttfidence is a golf training aid that will help you make more

putts within ten feet! 

You can practice with Puttfidence at home, in the office, or the putting green at your course. It is easy to use and you will see immediate results. Unlike many putting aids on the market who focus on the mechanics of the stroke, Puttfidence focuses on the results, the ball finding the bottom of the cup!  


Michael Midgette

Class A, PGA Instructor

I tried the product. I love it for putts inside the five-foot circle. I used it with one of my students and they liked it as well. Also adds a little element of fun to putting instead of the same old boring drills.

Tom H.

Clarkston, Michigan

A great tool for sharpening up your putting accuracy. A few moments on the putting green with this tool makes it so when you  hit the course the  hole looks as big as a garbage can!

Dr. Tom Sgriccia


I've been golfing for about 35 years and one of the things that has really helped me recently with my putting is the puttfidence ball.

Steve Wheatcroft

Former PGA Tour player

"I think the day to day amateur can get a ton out of practicing with it for sure. Especially on the 3-5 foot drill.  They'll enjoy the challenge and it will pay instant dividends."