Get Instant Results with Puttfidence

For best results, stroke Puttfidence 5-10 times from 3 feet. Once you begin making Puttfidence consistently from this distance, move back one foot and repeat. Keep moving back one foot at a time, not to exceed 10 feet. 

Now, stroke some standard golf balls from 3, 4, 5, and 6 feet. You will notice a difference in your ability to solidly contact the ball and the increasing authority in which the ball goes into the hole.


Puttfidence is designed and sold for putting purposes only and is not intended for regulation play. Results will vary by individual. Lower scores and improved putting are not guaranteed. 


"I tried the product. I love it for putts inside the five-foot circle. I used it with one of my students and they liked it as well. Also adds a little element of fun to putting instead of the same old boring circle drills."

- Michael Midgette, Class A, PGA Instructor

"Best Training aid at the show."

-Ted (Pittsburgh Golf and Travel Show 2018)

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Puttfidence works on two concepts: size and weight. First, the ball is larger than a standard golf ball, making it more difficult to make in a standard hole.  Secondly, the ball is almost three times as heavy than a standard golf ball.  Once you start holing Puttfidence on the practice green, holing a golf ball will be much easier.  The weight makes you accelerate through impact, making it easier to release the putter.  Very quickly, you will notice how nicely the golf ball comes of the face of the putter and with how much authority it finds the bottom of the hole!


Lowering Your Handicap Has Never Been Easier